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A 24-Hour Vending Company

No more waiting until the next business day to shop your favorite beauty and auto products, or school supplies.  Our Al-powered, touchscreen essential kiosks are conveniently located outside beauty supply stores, gas stations, car washes, and more!

Our Story

B’s Essentials Vending started as Memphis’ first 24-hour beauty supply company.

We place our self-serving touchscreen kiosks in populated areas to provide everyone easy access to beauty products no matter the time of day.

In 2023, B’s Essentials took its passion to help others a step further and is now expanding by adding other speciality 24-hour kiosks.

While beauty products remain our core focus, we recognize the importance of meeting the evolving needs of our customers and communities.

Our commitment to convenience and accessibility now extends to other essential categories such as auto care, baby care, school supplies, and more. We understand that these products are crucial in your daily lives and having access to them anytime, day or night, can make a significant difference.

By expanding our vending services, we aim to provide a comprehensive solution for our customers’ needs, offering a wide selection of high-quality products in various categories. Whether it’s ensuring your vehicle is well-maintained, providing essential items for infants and toddlers, or offering school supplies to students, B’s Essentials Vending is here to support and enhance your everyday life.

We are dedicated to maintaining the same level of excellence and commitment to customer satisfaction in these new vending categories. Our machines will be stocked with trusted brands and products that meet the highest standards of quality, reliability, and affordability.

As we expand our services, our mission remains unchanged – to serve communities, empower local businesses, and make essential products easily accessible. We believe in the power of convenience, choice, and reliability, and we are excited to embark on this new journey with you.

Stay tuned as we introduce our expanded vending services and continue to innovate in the world of 24-hour convenience. B’s Essentials Vending is your trusted partner for all your essential needs, supporting you around the clock.

Partner with us

Machine Host

We would love to have one of our unique AI-Powered kiosks at your establishment for private or public use. If you own or work at a location that would like to have a B’s Essentials kiosk let us know! Click here to fill out this request form.

Franchise B’s Essentials Vending

Join the family and own your own AI-Powered, touchscreen kiosk! With our franchise program, we will help you create your own vending empire. We provide all the training, support, business development assistance, and products you will need. Click here to learn more

Sell with us. It’s easy!

B’s Essentials offer consignment opportunities for small and start-up brands. We offer assistance by sharing pricing suggestions based on company data; ads slots on our kiosks so you can generate more sales, and we place your products across the United States to get more eyes on your brand. Click here to sign up